ElaN obtains ISO 17100 quality standard for translation services

ElaN obtains ISO 17100 quality standard for translation services
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ElaN Languages settles for nothing less than the highest quality. Each and every day. The proof? After a thorough audit earlier this month, we were awarded the ISO 17100 certificate.

The Veritas auditing agency looked at the requirements that translation agencies must comply with on various levels: how we monitor translation projects, the transparency of our procedures, our quality assurance system, the competence of our translators and revisers, our interactions with customers and translators, etc.  “We achieved a really great overall score of 95%”, says Patrick Simons, Resource Manager at ElaN Languages.

Quality guaranteed

When you order a translation from ElaN Languages, you can rest assured: “Indeed, the ISO 17100 standard also includes several important guarantees. The customer knows that a native speaker will translate their texts and a second native speaker will subject it to a thorough revision”, Patrick explains. “We have everything in-house in terms of technology, including up-to-date translation memories and other resources, to guarantee the highest level of quality. Our project managers closely monitor every translation project, thus completing the picture. The Veritas auditing agency gave us another pat on the back because we also comply with all the requirements when it comes to urgent translation projects.”

ElaN Languages has held the European EN 15038 quality label, the predecessor of the ISO 17100 standard, since 2008.  

View our ISO 17100 certificate here.