Return On Expectations (ROE): a maximum return on your language training!

Return On Expectations (ROE): a maximum return on your language training!
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When it comes to a language training course, you’ll undoubtedly ask yourself whether or not this training course will have the desired effect? Is the training course worth the investment?

Legitimate questions, which ElaN Languages can answer thanks to the new ROE model!

ROE (Return on Expectations) is a scientifically based learning concept that ElaN applies to all of its language training courses, from our own perspective. This model guarantees a maximum return from your language training, with a demonstrable result.

Two aspects are vital in this model: on the one hand the commitment that is required of the trainee’s environment - before, during and after the training course and on the other hand, achieving the course’s objectives


This specifically involves the following methods:

Prior to the training course

  • The trainee(s)’s manager and the person responsible for L&D map out the language needs and think about the result they want to achieve. ElaN Languages provides support by giving examples of targeted questions and specific situations that are of immediate relevance to the trainee. 

  • Together with ElaN Languages they can determine the actual objectives.

  • ElaN Languages then starts the training programme based on a needs analysis and a screening interview. This allows us to assess the trainee’s language level and the relevant language requirements.

During the training course

All parties (managers, the Learning & Development department, and colleagues) maintain contact with ElaN Languages to stay up to date. These provide the appropriate framework to ensure that the trainee gets the most out of the training.  We specifically do this by:

  • Demonstrating involvement, by observation and acknowledgement of the trainee(s).  The parties involved investigate whether the trainee effectively starts to use newly acquired language skills more frequently.

  • ElaN Languages provides the appropriate tools in consultation with the trainee. This could be through supporting study material, such as a summary of key sentences used by the trainee in their work or ScribblPro, an online platform that allows the trainee to practise vocabulary and grammar exercises for an entire year for free. 
  • The ElaN coach and trainee periodically evaluate each other. This input can be used to adapt the lessons, if required.

  • Learning on the job: together with the company, we look at the opportunities to use the language in and around the workplace: regular discussions with colleagues in the target language, lunch with colleagues who speak another language, etc. 

After the training course 

70% of a language is learned while working. This means that the trainee must continue to keep in touch with the language after the training programme.

  • Continue ‘learning on the job’ and keep practising via ScribblPro.
  • After the training course, ElaN Languages sends three aftercare emails, full of audio, video and reading exercises and aimed at helping the trainee maintain his/her new language skills. Also available: useful tips & fun games. This makes learning fun as well.

Evaluation and results assessment

  • ElaN Languages will check the trainee’s satisfaction with the training course and skills acquired.

  • After a few months, ElaN Languages will also provide a tangible result to the manager by carrying out a final evaluation.  

Example 1: The employee is confident enough to speak French when making a phone call.

Example 2: The client notifies you that it has become easier for him/her to ask questions in French and that the service has improved.


Interested in our ROE approach?

Then get in touch with Peter Vaes, our Business Development Director. He will let you in on all the details regarding ROE and draft a proposal tailored to your company’s individual needs and budget.

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