ROE: language training reinvented

ROE: language training reinvented
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When it comes to a language training course, you’ll undoubtedly ask yourself whether or not this training course will have the desired effect? Is the training course worth the investment?

With ROE (‘Return on Expectations’), language expert ElaN Languages is applying an innovative learning concept that guarantees maximum returns on your language training courses.

How do we achieve this? Thanks to ROE, we focus primarily on the trainee’s objectives and we also involve the manager(s) and colleagues in the learning process. The trainee has access to the proper resources (such as supporting study materials) and will have the opportunity to use their new language in and around the workplace.

Important: the trainee will continue to make progress even after the training by continuing to practise regularly. ElaN Languages’ effective tools and useful learning tips will help you with this.


Interested in our ROE approach?

Then get in touch with Peter Vaes, our Business Development Director. He will let you in on all the details regarding ROE and draft a proposal tailored to your company’s individual needs and budget.

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